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As the continuing conflict between Israel and Hamas enters an escalating stage, some are using it to call for a second Holocaust.

People that idolise Hitler and hate Jews are not only complete idiots, as he is dead; but they also dramatically hold back the Palestinian cause.

The vast majority in the Palestinian cause are NOT racist, Anti-semitic or Hitler praising, from my experience. It is very important to expose these frauds as racist, intolerant and utterly counter productive to aiding a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Here are some of the most virulently disgusting examples, but for more, just search #IfHitlerWasAlive and #killjews.

This is not an attempt to smear any single group of people as of a certain view. Quite the opposite.

It is highlighting the anomalous idiots that bring down the majority. 

page separatorI first found out about this from a facebook post my friend posted up:

Post by Ali A. Rizvi.

I investigated further, via twitter. There were the first posts I saw:

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Human lack of progress:

The willingness to conflate Jews, yes that’s ALL Jews, with the actions of the Israeli state is staggeringly deliberate and unforgivingly unrepentant. There are those that seek to ensure that they are not tarred by this brush of idiocy. Espeically in Pakistan, some were astounded with this lunacy:


It is important to recognise that there are many that seek to ensure they aren’t caught up in this wave, and the vast majority probably do not believe in this. page separator   I then began to search a little more, and found this delightful tweet. He even calls Hitler a ‘Sir.’ I’m not so sure he would be doing the same if Hitler ever actually did come back, as he would probably embark on a genocide of other non-Aryans. That includes you.


The notion that Jews are somehow responsible for the actions of Israel is ridiculous. Jews around the world have very contrasting opinions on Israel. Here is a group of ultra orthodox Jews protesting in new York against Israel: BsZ2MTGCEAIld2I.jpg-large They see it as a religious issue. By definition, Jews should not be equated with Israel, as many reject the state, and many in Israel are also completely irreligious. The equivalence doesn’t work in either causal direction. It is without a doubt that many pro Israel activists deliberately conflate Israel with being Jewish. Some will argue that they are not mutually exclusive; I.e. that all activity against Israel is also against Jews. This is wrong. Some Jews are Anti-Israel, and some Israelis are Anti-Israel. Even some Holocaust survivors are Anti-Israel. So, it is utterly ridiculous to claim this, and it is even more ridiculous to imply that Jews are now responsible for the actions of Israel. page separator Yet some refuse to recognise this.

Yes you read that right. This person claims Hitler would prevent Israel from killing ‘innocent’ Gazans. I wonder if they realise that the Jews killed by Hitler were also innocent. The ridiculous implication that somehow Hitler killed Jews, therefore would support Palestinians against Israel is an argument that holds absolutely no weight. It is pinned down by a hatred of Jews. If this person *really* supported Palestine for humanitarian reasons, they would condemn the killing of all innocent people; whether Jewish or Palestinian or Martian. page separatorOne individual that struck me as particularly disturbing was a tweeter called ‘Muhammad Shoaib‘ He not only praised Hitler and called for the death of Jews, but also denied the Holocaust.

page separatorIt does however restore faith in humanity to hear some sense, by the genuine supporters of Palestine.

And a final one from me: