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Amid the madness occurring in Gaza, there has also been a significant rise in hatred towards Jews.

I know what you’re thinking.

Criticism of Israel doesn’t make you Anti-Semitic.. I agree. Not always. Sometimes. But, this really isn’t about that.

This is a petition to the BBC to offer some coverage of this unprecedented rise in Anti-Semitic violence and sentiment in recent weeks. A lot of people are blaming Jews for actions of the Israel, using hashtags like #HitlerDidNothingWrong, #KillJews #HitlerWasRight and #IfHitlerWasAlive:

This is not an attempt to conflate Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism. It is an attempt to expose real Anti-Semites for who they are. Racists that most reject. So:

SIGN https://www.change.org/en-GB/petitions/the-bbc-stop-ignoring-the-recent-rise-of-anti-semitism

These morons need to be called out, and it’s time there was slightly more extensive coverage of this rising tide of hatred.

In the last fortnight, there has been a clear rise in *real* Anti-Semitism. Not Israel related acts that are claimed as Anti-Semitism; without clear proof or not as to whether they are directly or indirectly against Jews.

Those who wish to hate Jews, have been using this recent military conflict in Gaza to act upon their hatred.

It needs to be exposed for 2 big reasons.

1. To protect Jews from vile racism

2. To ensure that the Pro Palestinian cause does not become smeared by these anomalous Anti-Semites as a racist one. Most of the individuals contained within it are not racist. Most are, from my experience; concerned about human rights for example.

Of course there are some idiots out there. This is trying to expose those idiots.

Whereas Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are different, and often deliberately conflated, there has been an increasingly worrying trend of applying Anti-Semitic language and actions in the last few weeks.

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The use of the Hashtags such as #KillJews, #HitlerDidNothingWrong#HitlerWasRight [click for three posts] and #ifhitlerwasalive, were incredibly offensive and racist. Praising Hitler is praising a racist murderer of not just 6 million Jews, but millions and millions of non Jewish victims, from combat and genocide.

To claim praising Hitler is a legitimate method of criticising Israel, is just plain false; as it attacks all Jews, when not all Jews support Israel or are responsible for what it does.

In addition to this online idiocy, there have been 47 reported Anti-Semitic attacks within the last two weeks, in the UK alone, in addition to a violent Anti-Semitic rally in France. This rally engaged in firebombing of a Synagogue, and trapping its inhabitants inside.

Swaztikas being smeared onto buildings:


And in Manchester:


Infact, numerous weeks ago, before this conflict was sparked, there was also a vandalising of a Jewish cemetery in Manchester. 

Fortunately, as these pictures show, communities do come together to counter this barbaric racism.


We must not let people divide us. We need to stand firm and oppose all extremists and racists. Don’t get fooled into the trap of thinking that communities represented generalisable polar values. We don’t.

In light of the growing campaign against the BBC’s supposedly bias coverage against Israel, it is important to not overcompensate by ignoring Anti-Semitism, due to the fear of being labelled as Pro-Israel.

It is an important independent issue, and all you need to do is to SIGN.

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I started this petition after having written three seperate posts that documented the online rise in hatred against Jews.

Each respective post outlines numerous individual tweeters praising Hitler, calling for death to Jews, and generally conflating Jews with the actions of Israel.

This is an important issue to highlight, not only to prevent attacks against innocent Jews; but also to prevent the smearing of large sections of the Muslim and Pro Palestinian communities as being racist. The anomolous racists that smear the Musim community, and Pro-Palestinian movement as Anti-Semitic must be called out and exposed.