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In Europe today, the growing undercurrent of intolerance towards Jews is fuelled by the fear of being ‘accused’ of supporting Israel if you expose it.

There are many supporters of Israel who conflate Judaism and Zionism as the same thing. I try my best to keep Judaism and Zionism separate, although I am Jewish, and support Israel’s existence.

I recognise that sometimes there is a crossover. I also recognise that sometimes they are totally unrelated.

From my experience, most of the time, protests against Israel are not against Jews. Indeed much of the time, they bring attention to the participating Jews to outline how non-Anti-Semitic they are.

Good on them for ensuring they are not hating upon Jews.

In the most recent rally in central London outside of the Israeli Embassy, one of the speakers was loudly heard chanting:

Are we Anti-Semitic?’, To which the vast crowd responded with a resounding ‘no.

People are going out of their way to not be against Jews.

The unintended consequence of this phenomenon, is that Pro Palestinian supporters have convinced themselves that Anti-Semitism never plays a part in people’s opposition to Israel. There is such a strong watertight guarantee that it is not a factor, that anyone claiming it is, has an interest in arguing that. They are trying to conflate Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism.

There is genuine Anti-Semitism, as I posted about recently here: SIGN | Rising Anti-Semitism Must Stop 

So why are people choosing to brand people being Pro-Israel when they expose real Anti-Semitism?


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There is now such an exaggerated assurance by Pro-Palestinian supporters that they do not have a problem with Jews; that they will never be Anti-Semitic, that is now ludicrous to even imply that they are. Even when they actually are.

This has even extended to some arguing that supporting Israel is infact being Anti-semitic, because Palestinians are Semitic; and therefore one can’t be against something they support.

So, basically; how dare you accuse them of being Anti-Semitic. Because, now that means Palestinian. Jews don’t even experience hatred do they?

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It is clear that numerous tactics are being employed to occupy the post of ‘Anti-Semitism’, as a term which is not allowed to have any relation at all to Israel at all. This is very dangerous, because sometimes genuine Anti-Semitism is the direct result of opposition against Israel. Much of the time it isn’t as well; but there are a lot of opportunistic racists out there that cling onto anything as a vehicle to hate.

Both need exposing; whether connected or not. But it is increasingly difficult to expose Anti-Semites, if every time one does; they are accused of spreading Hasbara, because ‘Anti-Semitism isn’t the same thing as opposition to Israel.’

If there are Anti-Semitic sentiments during a Pro-Palestinian rally, they are covered up by the generality of Anti-Israel sentiment. Anybody exposing this, is immediately pounced upon by the dogma of Pro-Palestinian activists, as they screech, that Anti-Semitism is not the same as Anti-Zionism, and therefore your claims of Anti-semitism are illegitimate, and infact, you are trying to conflate the two for your own personal gain.

As a result, those that try to expose genuine Anti-Semitism, such as myself, here and here after the use of numerous disgusting hashtags such as #hitlerwasright, are branded as zionists trying to spread Hasbarah. page separator

Exposing Anti-Semitism has become seen as trying to defend Israel.

Exposing Anti-Semitism is now seen as an attempt to fuse hatred of Jew with opposition to Israel.

This is It is highly dangerous, because it means that for certain Palestinian supporters, exposing Anti-Semitism is now an extension of supporting Israel, and nobody can say anything; or it is hasbarah.

There is somewhat of a neglection of the fact though; that some, not all, but a minority of Anti-Israel activists, hold their views because they hate Jews. Exposing these people is not equivalent to supporting Israel.

Exposing an Anti-Semite for being an Anti-Semite is just that, and it shouldn’t be dismissed as something else.

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Why is this dangerous?

Firstly, the real Anti-Semites out there now have a free pass to act upon their hatred, under the guise of supporting Palestine. They know that if anybody condemns them, they can smear them with ‘it’s not Anti-semitism, it’s Anti-Israel’ cover.

Secondly, slowly but surely; the pro-Palestinian cause is becoming increasingly characterised as a hostile and closet racist movement. Brendan O’Neill summed this up brilliantly in his article; ‘There’s something very ugly in this rage against Israel’. He outlined that ‘The line between anti-Zionism and anti-Semitism gets thinner every day’, and that;

Israelis (not Israel in this case) are ‘disgraceful’, ‘murderous, racist’, ‘inhuman scum’, ‘pigs’, etc, said angry tweeters.

One racist magazine publishing the Sderot picture under the headline ‘Rat-Faced Israeli Jews Cheer and Applaud Airstrikes on Gaza Strip’.

But, you must not say anything.

In the era of the new McCarthyism, calling out Anti-Semites that pose as Anti-Zionists means you are trying to conflate the two yourself.

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There have been numerous practical examples of this new phenomenon as well.

In Paris whereby a Synogogue was firebombed, and a hate mob trapped the Synogogue’s inhabitants inside, during a Pro Palestinian March.

After the march was banned thereafter, the protestors decided instead, to burn and pillage a Jewish neighbourhood. All in the name of the Palestinians; but of course. It has nothing to do with virulent Jew-Hatred.

In the Independent, the opening paragraph of the report on this attack on Jewish shops is quite shocking. It states:

Fears are growing that the Gaza conflict could transfer to the streets of France after Jewish-owned shops were burned and pillaged last night during a second violent pro-Palestinian demo in the space of two days.

When criticising these individuals for firebombing a Synagogue or doing a Quenelle, I was told that I was spreading Hasbarah, and supporting a racist state.

And they also brought out some inverted Nazi salutes [Quenelles] just for good measure.

They aren’t racist of course. They just do Nazi Salutes and firebomb Jewish Prayer houses, to show their anger against Israel.


People are willing to overlook this racism however, and merely claim it is Anti-Zionism.

It should be rejected and unacceptable.

Yet already, people are excusing it; and it is no surpass there is a Jewish-Zionist conspiracy theory in there somewhere. I am a little light on the details, but then again; most are.

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There are many genuine supporters of Palestine who utterly reject this catch 22 lunacy.

In Europe today, Anti-Semitism is genuine, and some sincere supporters of Palestine recognise that. Some agree that exposing Anti-Semitism is necessary, and unrelated to supporting Israel. But especially on social media, it is becoming increasingly difficult to argue that Anti-Semitism exists, because when it is outlined; the individual doing so is merely accused of trying to fuse hating jews with opposing Israel.

Pointing this out is a Anti-Semitism does not constitute supporting Israel, as such. When people attack Jews under the guise of opposing Israel, it is both Anti-Semitism and Anti Zionism. When they just attack Jews, it is Anti Semitism, and when just Israel, it is Anti-Zionism.

I am not going to apologise for exposing Anti-Semitism because some intolerant idiot thinks that constitutes supporting Israel.