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This war on Gaza has brought out racist vitriol, coaxing those that hide behind claiming to be Anti-Zionist to remove their disguise, and reveal their sinister hatred of Jews.

It goes without saying as with in the other posts attempting to highlight and expose Anti-semitism posing as Anti-Zionism, that the link is not universal.

Most Anti-Zionists are not Anti-Semites, from my experience. Jews, of all different stripes and forms hold strong and vocal opposition to Israel. But unfortunately, in amongst the liquorice all sorts of rabid Anti-Zionists there will always be a few racists that get through the net.

It has become increasingly apparent that there has been a resurgence of despicable conspiratorial rubbish that underlies so much of the historical Jew hatred of the last 1000 years.

That Jew hatred is based on a number of conspiracy theories and myths, which are utterly fabricated, and designed purely to install an irrational hatred of Jews.

This includes blood libel, global conspiracies, and of course the wandering jew, seeping into everyone else’s country and pulling the strings like some evil puppet master. There have also been references to the protocols of the elders of zion, which as we know, is a load of nonsense once again.

It’s called racism. And it should be unacceptable in the 21st century.

But it goes on, and it is continuously not called out, because if it is; the exposer will be ‘accused’ of supporting Israel.

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Blood Libel. 

There is a genuine legitimate grievance that some Anti-Zionism is clearly fuelled by Anti-Semitism.

The Blood Libel is an ancient and false myth that Jews used to kill Christian babies and use their blood for Passover offerings of Matzah.

It’s obviously a vicious and baseless lie, but it has been the root cause of some of histories worst hatred towards Jews.

For example, In the 12th century, a rumour that Jews had kidnapped a 12-year-old Christian boy, William of Norwich, and stabbed his head to simulate Jesus’s crown of thorns was used to justify persecution of Jews [BBC].

This lie has been used to justify pogroms and riots against Jews in Europe for a long time.

It has also been depicted within propoganda before too. For example, the ADL outlines this poster being used to depict Ariel Sharon, drinking from a goblet labeled “The Palestinian Children’s Blood.” sharon_blood_libel If you don’t agree with what Israel is doing right now, then fine. I don’t either, and I am a Jew, and a supporter of Israel’s existence.

But expressing your opposition with a depiction of blood libel is unacceptable, surely?!

Like this one?

At this point, if it was a regular conversation with an Anti-Zionist, I’d usually be accused of trying to cover up Israel’s crimes with Anti-Semitism.

I’m not. I’m clearly just trying to expose the depiction of Israel through a medi-evil myth that inbred hatred towards Jews for a very long time.  If people want to come up with conspiracy theories about global zionist plots to control what people are thinking, then quite honestly they can do that until their heart’s content. It’s not got anything god o with this.

This modern blood libel smear implies that there is a deliberate targeting of children. That Israel goes out to kill children, on purpose. Of course the argument that Gaza is a densely populated largely civilian area, at this point; is put to one side. It’s far more compelling to claim that these attacks that lead to non combatant deaths are due to deliberate targeting.

And there are a few brave souls who are willing to call people out on this idiocy.

The stream of attacks on Israel through depictions of old blood libel taunts has not only been through propoganda though. It also manifested through actual attacks on Synagogues, smearing child killers for example.

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If you want to support Palestine, or oppose Israel, then that’s fine, obviously.

If you want to oppose racism, hatred and Anti-Semitism, that is also obviously a good thing.

But if you claim to support Palestine, but refuse to acknowledge the use of blood libel references especially, then you’re a walking contradiction.