12 people have been murdered in Paris, when three masked gunmen attacked the satirical publication, Charlie Hebdo.

As Paris saw 50 000 people turn out to show solidarity, and across Europe, media organisations, bloggers, papers and websites offered satirical and meaningful tributes… others had different ideas.

For some low lives on the internet, the murdering of 12 people by three gunmen named as Cherif Kouachi, Said Kouachi, and Hamid Mourad.

Because they appeared to be well trained and effective at what they were doing, many decided that these three men, were infact Mossad agents.

The details are a little bit light, but here is what Twitter thought. 

France voted Yes, and therefore.. Ermm… we’ll wait and see I guess. Still thinking of the rest of the story. 

It seems that there are a number of particularly keen anti-Israel activists, quick to jump on the flotilla of conspiracy.

Didn’t you know?

More hateful and bizarre nonsense.

Keep going..

It all feels a little too close for comfort. A little too familiar.

A long time ago, way way before Israel existed, people liked to blame the Jews.

Those evil manipulative Jews were in the Media, and in Government, and were the Socialists and the bankers. They are everywhere.

If something bad happens, it is the Jews. We’ll figure out why later. It’s them.. It’s always them..