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Amid the madness occurring in Gaza, there has also been a significant rise in hatred towards Jews.

I know what you’re thinking.

Criticism of Israel doesn’t make you Anti-Semitic.. I agree. Not always. Sometimes. But, this really isn’t about that.

This is a petition to the BBC to offer some coverage of this unprecedented rise in Anti-Semitic violence and sentiment in recent weeks. A lot of people are blaming Jews for actions of the Israel, using hashtags like #HitlerDidNothingWrong, #KillJews #HitlerWasRight and #IfHitlerWasAlive:

This is not an attempt to conflate Anti-Zionism and Anti-Semitism. It is an attempt to expose real Anti-Semites for who they are. Racists that most reject. So:


These morons need to be called out, and it’s time there was slightly more extensive coverage of this rising tide of hatred.

In the last fortnight, there has been a clear rise in *real* Anti-Semitism. Not Israel related acts that are claimed as Anti-Semitism; without clear proof or not as to whether they are directly or indirectly against Jews.

Those who wish to hate Jews, have been using this recent military conflict in Gaza to act upon their hatred.

It needs to be exposed for 2 big reasons.

1. To protect Jews from vile racism

2. To ensure that the Pro Palestinian cause does not become smeared by these anomalous Anti-Semites as a racist one. Most of the individuals contained within it are not racist. Most are, from my experience; concerned about human rights for example.

Of course there are some idiots out there. This is trying to expose those idiots.

Whereas Anti-Semitism and Anti-Zionism are different, and often deliberately conflated, there has been an increasingly worrying trend of applying Anti-Semitic language and actions in the last few weeks.

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The use of the Hashtags such as #KillJews, #HitlerDidNothingWrong#HitlerWasRight [click for three posts] and #ifhitlerwasalive, were incredibly offensive and racist. Praising Hitler is praising a racist murderer of not just 6 million Jews, but millions and millions of non Jewish victims, from combat and genocide.

To claim praising Hitler is a legitimate method of criticising Israel, is just plain false; as it attacks all Jews, when not all Jews support Israel or are responsible for what it does.

In addition to this online idiocy, there have been 47 reported Anti-Semitic attacks within the last two weeks, in the UK alone, in addition to a violent Anti-Semitic rally in France. This rally engaged in firebombing of a Synagogue, and trapping its inhabitants inside.

Swaztikas being smeared onto buildings:


And in Manchester:


Infact, numerous weeks ago, before this conflict was sparked, there was also a vandalising of a Jewish cemetery in Manchester. 

Fortunately, as these pictures show, communities do come together to counter this barbaric racism.

We must not let people divide us. We need to stand firm and oppose all extremists and racists. Don’t get fooled into the trap of thinking that communities represented generalisable polar values. We don’t.

In light of the growing campaign against the BBC’s supposedly bias coverage against Israel, it is important to not overcompensate by ignoring Anti-Semitism, due to the fear of being labelled as Pro-Israel.

It is an important independent issue, and all you need to do is to SIGN.

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I started this petition after having written three seperate posts that documented the online rise in hatred against Jews.

Each respective post outlines numerous individual tweeters praising Hitler, calling for death to Jews, and generally conflating Jews with the actions of Israel.

This is an important issue to highlight, not only to prevent attacks against innocent Jews; but also to prevent the smearing of large sections of the Muslim and Pro Palestinian communities as being racist. The anomolous racists that smear the Musim community, and Pro-Palestinian movement as Anti-Semitic must be called out and exposed.


Racists Posing as Anti-Zionists – #IfHitlerWasAlive


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As the continuing conflict between Israel and Hamas enters an escalating stage, some are using it to call for a second Holocaust.

People that idolise Hitler and hate Jews are not only complete idiots, as he is dead; but they also dramatically hold back the Palestinian cause.

The vast majority in the Palestinian cause are NOT racist, Anti-semitic or Hitler praising, from my experience. It is very important to expose these frauds as racist, intolerant and utterly counter productive to aiding a peaceful solution to the crisis.

Here are some of the most virulently disgusting examples, but for more, just search #IfHitlerWasAlive and #killjews.

This is not an attempt to smear any single group of people as of a certain view. Quite the opposite.

It is highlighting the anomalous idiots that bring down the majority. 

page separatorI first found out about this from a facebook post my friend posted up:

Post by Ali A. Rizvi.

I investigated further, via twitter. There were the first posts I saw:

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Human lack of progress:

The willingness to conflate Jews, yes that’s ALL Jews, with the actions of the Israeli state is staggeringly deliberate and unforgivingly unrepentant. There are those that seek to ensure that they are not tarred by this brush of idiocy. Espeically in Pakistan, some were astounded with this lunacy:


It is important to recognise that there are many that seek to ensure they aren’t caught up in this wave, and the vast majority probably do not believe in this. page separator   I then began to search a little more, and found this delightful tweet. He even calls Hitler a ‘Sir.’ I’m not so sure he would be doing the same if Hitler ever actually did come back, as he would probably embark on a genocide of other non-Aryans. That includes you.


The notion that Jews are somehow responsible for the actions of Israel is ridiculous. Jews around the world have very contrasting opinions on Israel. Here is a group of ultra orthodox Jews protesting in new York against Israel: BsZ2MTGCEAIld2I.jpg-large They see it as a religious issue. By definition, Jews should not be equated with Israel, as many reject the state, and many in Israel are also completely irreligious. The equivalence doesn’t work in either causal direction. It is without a doubt that many pro Israel activists deliberately conflate Israel with being Jewish. Some will argue that they are not mutually exclusive; I.e. that all activity against Israel is also against Jews. This is wrong. Some Jews are Anti-Israel, and some Israelis are Anti-Israel. Even some Holocaust survivors are Anti-Israel. So, it is utterly ridiculous to claim this, and it is even more ridiculous to imply that Jews are now responsible for the actions of Israel. page separator Yet some refuse to recognise this.

Yes you read that right. This person claims Hitler would prevent Israel from killing ‘innocent’ Gazans. I wonder if they realise that the Jews killed by Hitler were also innocent. The ridiculous implication that somehow Hitler killed Jews, therefore would support Palestinians against Israel is an argument that holds absolutely no weight. It is pinned down by a hatred of Jews. If this person *really* supported Palestine for humanitarian reasons, they would condemn the killing of all innocent people; whether Jewish or Palestinian or Martian. page separatorOne individual that struck me as particularly disturbing was a tweeter called ‘Muhammad Shoaib‘ He not only praised Hitler and called for the death of Jews, but also denied the Holocaust.

page separatorIt does however restore faith in humanity to hear some sense, by the genuine supporters of Palestine.

And a final one from me:


Racists Posing as Anti-Zionists – #HitlerDidNothingWrong? #HitlerWasRight?


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there are a lot of people out there whoa re racist, vile anti-Semites, who are using this conflict as a chance to hate Jews.

In particular, there are a lot of people out there who admire Hitler, and call for his glorious return.

It’s almost like some kind of weird fetish.

I will name and shame a few here.

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Firstly, I am not the only one to notice this. I just think it needs to be highlighted. Isabelle Daniel in the below tweet directs you to this very issue, and the relevant hashtags. Check them out for yourself, before people become too ashamed of being caught being racist, and delete them.

Now, in my last post, I referred to an often quoted supposedly Hitler attributed quote. It seems it’s still in fashion: –

Others are so quick to praise Hitler, they almost forget to call for a second holocaust. This chap manages to sneak it in at the end

There are also folks out there that think somehow Hitler was doing their Islamic God’s work for them. I’m sure I speak for most Jews in saying that not all of us agree with Israel, and in the same vein, most Muslims are not people that wish for Hitler’s return. Most Muslims, and indeed non muslims, are concerned with the situation in Gaza are due to legitimate worries about human rights.

But then again, there are still those that genuinely do want to see Hitler return.

Some’s love for Hitler, and hatred of Jews is even spilling over into the football. I usually put a pound on someone to score to make it more interesting. Other’s pump themselves up with racism.


page separator This lad can’t even count. Israel was created in 1948, which was 66 years ago. Not fifty.

That said, there are of course extremists on both sides.

Be under no illusions. There is hatred on both sides, and they need to both be condemned.Check this out please

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We have one new last late entry:


As with the previous post, there are also a number of vile facebook posts. Here are a selection:

I know I shouldn’t find it ironically funny, but I do.

They have a picture of Hitler, and use the tag #Israel_Need_A_Hitler_Again, and then post a picture of AntiZionist Jews, in an attempt to gain some kind of moral high ground. It’s just unbelievable.

Screenshot 2014-07-13 11.07.27


A few others:Screenshot 2014-07-13 11.02.17

Screenshot 2014-07-13 11.00.59 Screenshot 2014-07-13 11.06.03 Screenshot 2014-07-13 11.04.59 ab 2 Screenshot 2014-07-13 11.01.34abcThat’s it for now.


Racists Posing as Anti-Zionists – Name and shame #1


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Regardless of one’s opinions on Israel, there has been a worrying growth in the number of people calling for death to Jews due to Israel’s actions.

In recent weeks, the growing escalation in violence in Israel and the Palestinian territories has offered a juicy opportunity for people to come out from the cracks under the floorboards, and call for Hitler’s return.

This mainly manifests on social media, but it is important to expose these people for what they are. They may claim to be opposers of Israel, but be assured they are haters of Jews. These are people with wholly insincere support for the Palestinians. They hate Jews.

I will name a shame a few here.

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When people are on twitter, it seems they are more inclined to say things, with the knowledge they can hide behind a screen. Report and condemn these idiots.

page separator I think this guy has a fetish for Hitler?

And again..

page separator And a few more:

page separator    But it isn’t only on twitter either.

There are lots of hateful racist anti-Jewish Nazi themed facebook posts too! This particular collation is from an Al-Jazeera post: abc ab 2 page separator

Another deleted tweet. You see, when people get caught, they back peddle. Fortunately, I am quick to take a picture. Screenshot 2014-07-10 17.48.40


page separatorInfact, it seems to be a very popular quote.

Lot’s of people seem to dislike Jews, except of course when they use images of Jews waving Palestinian flags.

Let’s just hope the Hitler praising – Jew hating pro Palestinian activists, never have to come into contact with their Jewish Pro Palestinian counterparts. That could be pretty awkward, and who knows, it may even expose certain people for who they really are. page separator

Some even thought it was worth starting a hashtag for. Yep #HitlerWasRight has landed.

Or this one? #HitlerDidNothingWrong.

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Be under no illusion though of course.

There are plenty of morally grounded people, who genuinely do have a legitimate criticism of Israel.

There are Jews that oppose Israel for political, moral and religious reasons. There is nothing wrong with legitimately criticising Israel, Jewish, Muslim, Martian for all I care.

The problem is those that use Israel as an excuse to call for another Jewish Holocaust. Those that pose as UN Human right’s activists, but would happily see Jews rounded up and sent back ho.. oh wait. 

This uncovers some of the REAL reasons behind such virulent anti Israel sentiment, especially in Europe; which is as we all know, a continent which has never had a problem with hating and killing jews.

It is becoming increasingly fashionable to conflate Jews; all Jews, with Israel for racists out there.

The BNP youth video during the most recent election campaign of course did this.

They claimed that the degradation of the white race was due to the unholy alliance of bankers, the ‘heartless zionists’, and cultural Marxists.

Sound familiar? Capitalists, communists and Zionists. Not a hundred or more years ago the same arguments were made. The Jewish banker. The Jewish-Bolshieviks. The Internationalist, disloyal Jew.

For the racists around, there is no distinction between Zionists and Jews. They see them as one and the same, and they hate because of their ignorance.

Palestine’s Problems go well Beyond its Borders


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After nearly 100 years of conflict for Palestine, it’s time to realise that this desperate situation is the result of regional interests of many parties, and not merely the consequence of Israel’s existence.

Palestine’s lack of existence as a state, is the result of many factors, but perhaps most importantly, a lack of support from supposed neighbouring allies.

This situation is capitalised on by Israel, who are willing to do their neighbour’s ‘dirty’ work of removing the Palestinian’s last vestige of National struggle. Conveniently, Israel are willing to take the blame for it too; provided they are not seriously challenged in terms of their existence politically or militarily.

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Why is it like it is?

In the aftermath of World War One, Britain and France shaped the region. They wanted to ensure access to major trading routes via the Suez. So, with the prospect of decolonisation of the Ottoman empire, the inheritors split up the region and ensued a policy of disunity amongst its inhabitants.  It’s still going on today.

As of 1914, historic Syria [highlighted on the left] included modern day Palestine/Israel, Jordan and Lebanon, in addition to Syria. The British and french secretly agreed to the Sykes-Picot agreement, which carved up Syria, and destroyed Syria’s territorial integrity arbitrarily. Although it was never formally implemented, the nature of colonial powers determining borders created a lot of discontent.


page separatorThe British sponsored conquest of the western part of Arabian Peninsula against the Ottomans, which led to the creation of more new states.

A new Saudi Arabian Kingdom was formed from the previously Hashemite kingdom in the west of the Arabian peninsula, and the Hashemites were given new territory in Jordan and Iraq.

Jordan was ethnically similar to Palestine, and the Hashemite’s main interest was preventing this ethnic similarity turning into Palestinian Nationalism, and ultimately crushing the Hashemite monarchy.


By 1948, the neighbours of Israel/Palestine all had major doubts about an independent Palestine. They attacked Israel, because they opposed the creation of a Jewish state; but this did not necessarily mean they supported a Palestinian one.

By 1948, The Syrians [in yellow] disagreed with a Palestinian state, because they saw the territory as part of historic Syrian land. The Jordanian state [on the right in Red] feared that an independent Palestine may destroy their own kingdom.

Saudi Arabia [in green] was hostile to a Palestinian state because of the potential discontent it would cause in Jordan; and the spillover effect, particularly given Syria’s desire to reunite historic lands under one Syria which would have included Palestine and Jordan. Historically there has never been support for a united Palestine, only for the destruction of Israel.

That was of course until the Yom Kippur war, whereby for a third and final time, Israel defeated surrounding countries, and the conflict changed into a long, and unsuccessful series of ‘peace’ talks, as a replacement for war.

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Who is responsible?

The major military powers in the Middle East had the chance to act, as the crucial players. They could have united for a common cause, as opposed to a common enemy. But instead, they have left a vacuum of inaction, and allowed Israel to act for itself.

The main military power in the region was Syria for a long time, and it arguably still is.

They opposed Palestinian Nationalism for the same reason they opposed the concept of Lebanon as a state. They supported a Syria based on historic Syria; which included Palestine, Lebanon and Jordan under one Syrian entity.

So, when the Palestine Liberation Organisation [PLO] fought Jordan’s Hashemite Monarchy in the civil war of 1970-1, for Palestinian rule over Jordan; Syria supported the PLO.

They did not support the PLO within Israel’s borders. After Black September, as it is known; the PLO were driven out of Jordan, to Lebanon; and the Syrians took matters into their own hands, as the PLO gained momentum as a vision to reassert Palestinian Nationalism within the borders of Israel.

By 1976, Syria invaded Lebanon to destroy the PLO, and Fatah; and with that the last vestiges of Palestinian Nationalism independently without Israel. After participating in wars of 1948, 1967 and 1973, Syria were no longer willing to fight for the Palestinians, even if they were willing to oppose Israel’s existence.

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Egypt was a supporter of pan-arabism. It opposed the conservative monarchies of Saudi Arabia and Jordan, and backed Arab socialist republics.

When Iraq, a Hashemite Kingdom, experienced a Nasserist style military coup, one of the two Hashemite kingdoms in the region had been removed, and it was clear that a balance in power was shifting. A pan Arab ideology was possible, and it disagreed with the concept of an independent Palestine, in the same fashion that Syrian interest opposed a united Palestine.

Both believed in having regional dominance over Palestine.



Saudi Arabia had always thus been hostile to secularist socialist Pan Arabism, because it was a conservative Islamic state.

It indirectly supported Israel through association with America in the Arab Cold war; particularly in a strategical sense. It also was against Palestinian Nationalism in case it spilled over to Jordan, which is controlled by relatives of the Saud family.

Israel served as a watertight guarantee against pan arabism, Jordanian security, and against Egyptian and Syrian regional dominance, and arguably it still does. Although informally, Saudi Arabia is not going to admit to supporting Israel, by default; it opposes Palestinian Nationalism, and does not oppose Israel’s activity in preventing a Palestinian state.

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 Collusion in conclusion

If Israel ceased to exist, Syria and Egypt would clash over Palestine in terms of promoting their interest driven pan ideologies. Jordan and Saudi Arabia would want to protect their interests too; most notably protecting the final vestige of Hashemite and conservative monarchy, not to mention opposing Arab republicanism and militancy.

The direct enemy of Palestinians are Israel. But it is convenient to allow their common enemy to take the wrath for their inaction.

Despite a vision of ‘the middle east’ as a homogenous ethnic group, and unified supporter of their Palestinian brothers; ready and waiting to invade, their strategic and political interest in Palestine’s independence has historically been small.



Yid – Diffusing racism or divisively offensive?



The ongoing controversy surrounding the use of the term ‘Yid’, is placing football in the headlines for what many will think are the wrong reasons.

Now referred to as ‘the Y-word’, the term was initially adopted by Tottenham Hotspur’s (Spurs’) opponent’s fans, in reference to Tottenham’s strong north London Jewish contingent of supporters.

It was a term intended to to be divisive by emphasizing the Jewish following of Spurs, with negative connotations. It was flipped on its head, and transformed from  an insult into a badge of honor, defusing racism and promoting unity amongst all their fans, Jewish, and non.

Spurs’ became ‘the yids’. All fans, Jewish and non, became ‘Yiddos’ indiscriminately, and until recently, this term was largely not overtly seen as motivated by racial hate. However it has become to be considered a word that prompts offense, prosecutable for users (even Spurs’ fans), and in need of being rooted out seemingly at whatever cost.

This step, to try and root it out was taken irrespective of the fact that most Spurs fans take it as a badge of pride, and a symbol of their unity. This is why it is so contentious. Something non offensive to the users is considered offensive by the authorities.

Prominent Jewish journalist, David Aaronovitch emphasized even as early [in terms of this issue] as 2007, that the term ‘Yid’, or the use of ‘Yid Army’ or any other ‘Y’ related term, was used much of the time to defuse racism, in the Jewish chronicle. [Times Online]

He said “We were some of the first fans to be fully anti-racist. The National Front gave up trying to leaflet around White Hart Lane, and I never once heard the monkey sounds being made by Spurs fans.. [people were] deterred by the reactions of the supporters all around.” essentially It made Spurs fans more tolerant.

The view that this term is not offensive, as is stressed by many Spurs fans, and Aaronovitch, was reinforced by David Cameron PM, who told the Jewish Chronicle that: ‘“There’s a difference between Spurs fans self-describing themselves as ‘Yids’ and someone calling someone a ‘Yid’ as an insult. You have to be motivated by hate. Hate speech should be prosecuted, but only when it’s motivated by hate.”  Essentially, this seems to be a case of legality, and where a term is motivated by hate, whereas many Spurs supporters argue it is actually a disarming tactic.

Nevertheless, in the Telegraph, The match commander for Sunday’s game between West Ham and Spurs, Chief Superintendent Mick Johnson, said:

“Those supporters who engage in such behavior should be under no illusion that they may be committing an offense and may be liable to a warning or be arrested.”

Spurs’ stadium holds over 36,000 people, and on the 6th October, when rivals West Ham played against Spurs, one fan was arrested for using the term. That is not a very good proportion, and indicates difficult enforceability.

However, the use of the term ‘Yid’ also allows for some opposition fans an excuse  for what they think is legitimate racism or antisemitism. When West Ham played Spurs, opposition fans deliberately made hissing noises to mimic gas chambers and sung anti-semitic chants, including those relating to Hitler such as ‘Adolf Hitler, he’s coming for you’. Similar activity in 2012 even provoked a response of current West Ham Manager Sam Allardyce.

Arguably this is due to rivalry in part, but of course if one set of fans sings about their Jewish support, the other are going to latch on to that and react. It may not be the only reason, but it is certainly a possibility.

Having said that, there is nothing to say that attempting to ban the term ‘Yid’ or the use of ‘Yid army’ would be effective. Spurs fans could face threats from their own board, their own team to stop being proud of saying a phrase, with the threat of prosecution. If they do, Spurs are likely to lose out financially.

It is an inherently contentious issue as it mixes legal definitions of offense, sport, politics, ethnic and religious tensions, and the backlash from opponents. If this issue is let go, all of a sudden, the authorities have seemingly given the word ‘Yid’ acceptability in a broader context, which could be even more damaging. They have turned a word which was used to diffuse racist intent, and made it a divisive issue.

photo credit: MattBritt00 via photopin cc

It isn’t Islamophobia, it’s Islamo-hatred. Time to stop blaming the victims.


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*Disclaimer: NOT my photo

Sometimes the ways in which issues are framed by the media, and by the victims of issues can be ingrained in culture. The term ‘Islamophobia’ has now become synonymous with racism and hatred towards Muslims, of that there is no doubt. People know what it is meant to mean. But, it is completely ridiculous to describe hatred and racism towards Muslims, as a phobia. It’s not.

This afternoon, I turned on the news, and there is a shocking and disgraceful story. The central Mosque in Redditch, Worcestershire, had been vandalized and had Swastikas and other hateful sentiments graffitid’ upon their walls and windows. As per usual, the Muslim community have not reacted with violence, but with a calm and clear statement condemning the attacks as racist, ignorant and irrational, which they are.

In an article in the BBC, Supt Kevin Purcell, of West Mercia Police, said; “For as long as I can remember the relationship between the Muslim community in Redditch, the police and the wider community would best be described as excellent.” 

This is not a one off attack either. This is now happening nationally. Up and down the country Mosques are being attacked, including a bomb being left outside of Walsall Mosque (BBCnews), Petrol Bombs thrown inside Grimsby Mosque (thisisgrimsby), and shockingly according to IBtimes, every three days since Lee Rigby’s murder, a Mosque has been attacked.

This is becoming systematic, targeted and deliberate hate. Targeting Muslims, because they are Muslims. It is planned ignorance.

According to my trusty Chambers dictionary, a phobia is defined as:

“A fear, aversion or hatred of a specified object or condition”

When i go onto a tall building, i have a phobia of heights. It is an irrational fear of heights, and i don’t attack the tall building with a petrol bomb. My dad has a phobia of snakes. When he sees a picture of a snake, he runs away and shuts the paper. It is his personal fear of something, and it’s for the person to deal with. You wouldn’t blame the building or the snake, would you?

So when Muslims, or mosques are completely indiscriminately attacked with nothing to provoke anyone, why is it being put as a phobia? Why are we claiming that the reason for an attack is due to an irrational fear, when it’s pretty obvious the attack is driven by deliberate hate and ignorance.

The use of the term Islamophobia is quite deliberate too. If a Synagogue was attacked it wouldn’t be called Jewish phobia. It would be called, Jewish hate or anti antisemitism (hatred of people of Semitic origin, which is another ridiculous term, deliberately used to remove any legitimate grievances of the victim, but that’s another post). If a political parties headquarters were attacked, it wouldn’t be called Conservative-Phobia, as much as i do actually have a phobia of being Conservative. It would be a hate attack.

The reason Islamophobia is used, is because it replaces irrational hatred of Muslims with irrational fear of them. It removes the notion of a group being persecuted, and promotes the idea that it is a group which are the culprits of the problem. Thus, the people attacking are doing so in fear.

Fear is the key word. It is a sly trick to ensure that Islam is the root of the problem, and everyone should be scared of it. An attack on Muslims needs to be countered by Muslims changing, not the racists that attack.

To an extent, this is even the same case with Homophobia, because if someone has a problem with someone else being gay, it implies that that person can do something about it, and they are choosing to be gay, and thus they should change their ways, or suppress it. Well, Muslims are born into Muslim culture, and Gay people are gay. People who oppose this state are not doing so because of an irrational condition of fear, but they are fueled by an ignorant hatred of Islam, or gender.

Of course Muslim communities need to improve the way they handle Islamic extremism, but part of that will be getting to the root of the problem. The problem is not a fear of Islam, but a fear of hate filled radical Islam, just as we are worried about hate filled far right extremists.

There is no phobia or a fear of Islam, it is an ignorant and misguided hatred of Islam. One step to changing this view is to stop framing Muslims as the group we need to be scared of, and start looking at them as a group within our society that we need to help rid of their radical elements by working with them.